General Administration Branch

 Main Responsibilities

  • Preparation of Annual Report, Corporative Plan, etc
  • Leave and relevant duties
  • Preparing medical bill and others, Organizing workshops and other activities
  • Handling Academic personal file and etc.
  • Related to Contract works and handling documents
  • Transport, Security services and cleaning related document handling
  • Handling nonacademic personal files


Ms. A.M.K.J. Atapaththu
Designation: Assistant Registrar
Department: General Administration Branch
Official Telephone: 011-2857784
Personal Telephone: 072-2402491
Email Address:

Ms. L.S. Hettiarachchi
Senior Staff Management Assistant
Ms. K.G.L Sriyani    
Management Assistant - Grade I
Ms. A.A. Sujeew aNilmini  
Management Assistant - Grade I
Ms. J.H.A. Roshani Chamindika Jayasinghe
Management Assistant - Grade III
Mr. U.W. Dasun Janashakthi
Management Assistant - Grade III
Ms.C.T. Gamage
Management Assistant - Grade III
Miss. T.G. Lakshmi Gunasekara
Management Assistant - Grade III
Mr. H. L. Udaya Jayanath
Work Aide (Grade - I )
Mr. D.D. Sidantha Jayamal
Work Aide (Grade - III )
Ms. I. Nirasha Sathsarani
Work Aide (Grade - III)
Mr. H.A. Lal Jayarathne
Driver Special Grade
Mr. H.A. Nalin Perera  
Driver Grade I
Mr. Kelum Jayalath de Kostha    
Driver Grade I
Mr. E.A. Sarath  
Driver Grade II
Mr. W.M. C.Sarath Kumara Wijesinghe
Driver Grade II
Mr. P.V.D.Chandana Botheju
Driver Grade II
Mr. W. M. Nayanapriya Weerasinghe
Driver Grade II
Mr. W.G. Madubashitha Kumara
Driver Grade II
Mr. Nalaka Indrajith  
Driver Grade II
Mr. Chandana Udaya  Kumara
Driver Grade II

Contact Details

Telephone: +9411-2857787

Email Address:






Upcoming Events



22 Oct - 31 Oct
සිව්වන වසර සිසුන් සඳහා දේශන ආරම්භ කිරීම
<h3>සිව්වන වසර සිසුන්ගේ <u...



15 Oct - 06 Nov
Updated list of examination applied students - first semester examinations october / november 2021.
2021 ඔක්තෝබර්/ නොවැම්බර් �...



13 Oct - 05 Nov
Collecting student's information of vaccination
විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයීය <u>සි�...



11 Oct - 13 Nov
මාර්ගගත විභාගය පිළිබඳ ව සිසුන් දැනුවත් කිරීම
2021.10.11 දින සිට 2020/2021 අධ්‍යය�...



11 Oct - 23 Oct
2nd ven. prof. walpola rahula thera memorial international conference - 2021 (wrmic)
The conference which is scheduled to be held on 14th of Octo...



07 Oct - 13 Nov
සංශෝධිත විභාග කාලසටහන/ amended time tables first semester examination (internal) - october/ november 2021
පළමු සමාසික විභාග <u>2021.10....

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