Computer Teaching Unit (CTU)

The Computer Teaching Unit (CTU) of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka was established in 2015 under the Department of Religious studies and Comparative Philosophy, Faculty of Buddhist Studies. As its main task, the centre offers computer courses (Certificate Courses / Advance Certificate Courses/ Degree Modules) for the students of all three levels in the three faculties. The aim of these modules is to enhance students’ overall knowledge in computer skills that are essential to enable the dissemination of Buddhism around the world with the use of current trends of Information Technology. The CTU has one fully equipped computer laboratory for all three faculties to cater for the requirements of undergraduates for their practical sessions of various course modules.

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Our Vision

To become a center of excellence empowering the university community through information and technology

Our Mission

To create opportunities for the society to benefit from information and communication technology, teaching, particularly in interdisciplinary collaboration and related services. 

Courses offered by the CTU

Courses offered for Students  

Course Code
Course Name

ICTE 03010

Certificate in Information Communication Technology

 1 Year

ICTE 03020

Advanced Certificate in Information Communication Technology - Major in Multimedia

 1 Year

ICTE 03030

Advanced Certificate in Information Communication Technology - Major in Hardware and Networking

1 Year

ICTE 03040

Advanced Certificate in Information Communication Technology - Major in Web Designing

1 Year

ICTE 03050

Advanced Certificate in Information Communication Technology - Major in IT for Research

1 Year

Courses offered for Staff

Course Code
Course Name
For Whom


Certificate in Professional Computer Applications

All Non-Academic Staff Members

Following are the other services offered by the CTU to the University in addition to its main activity of providing computer-related modules for the degree programs.

  • Organizing study programmes and conducting workshops, certificate courses on selected topics for university students
  • Providing the facility for day to day academic activities of the undergraduate students as well as for academic staff.
  • Organizing and conducting workshops and/or seminars, staff training programs for academic, non-academic and administrative staff members
  • Providing self-access learning
  • Managing Internet and email services of the University
  • Maintaining the University website (
  • Maintaining Social media Accounts for the University (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Handling University Official WhatsApp Groups
  • Providing hardware, software and network support services
  • Providing technical support for all the department and division

Staff Members

Head of the Unit

Ms. Jeewanthi Hettiarachchi
Designation: Lecturer in IT
Department: Department of Religious Studies and Comparative Philosophy
Official Telephone: +9411 2857786 Ext: 2220
Personal Telephone: +94 775875065 / +94 714847968
Email Address:

Mr. Hasitha Samarappuli
Designation: Technical Officer Grade II
Department: Computer Teaching Unit (CTU)
Official Telephone: +9411 2857786 Ext: 2220
Personal Telephone: +94 714485468
Email Address:


Official Telephone : +94112857786 Ext: 2220

Email Address : 

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