Pedagogical Efficacy in the Global context – Online conference 2021

“Pedagogical Efficacy in the Global context – Online conference 2021” organized by the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka was held online via google meet from 8.30 am onwards on 18 th February 2021. The conference was focused on the system of education and several of its aspects as teaching and learning has encountered diverse challenges during this unprecedented pandemic which has created a socio-economic, political setback in the global context. Thus, the forum was a platform for national and international researchers to present their papers on the following sub-topics.

  • Online Teaching and Assessment
  • Trends and Issues in the Teaching Content
  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Education and Policy Development
  • Religion as an Academic Discipline in the Age of Internet.

Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Chairman of the University Grants Commission honoured the conference as the keynote speaker while the scholars, Venerable Adjunct Professor Niwithigala Sumitta thero, from University of the West, USA, Venerable Prof. Waradiwela Wijayasumana Thero, the former Vice Chancellor of Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka, Prof. K.P. Hewagamage, the Director of Colombo School of Computing, University of Colombo, and Prof. Roahana B. Marasinghe of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of University Of Sri Jayewardenepura, graced the online gathering as guest speakers.

The Conference Chair was Ven. Dr. Homagama Dhammananda thero, the Head and a Senior Lecturer of Department of Religious Studies & Comparative Philosophy. Ven. Redeegama Wanarathana thero, Lecturer of Department of Buddhist Culture, Dr. Swarnananda Gamage, Senior Lecturer of the Department of English Language Teaching and Ms. Jeewanthi Hettiarachchi, Head of ICT Unit contributed as Conference Joint- Secretaries. The Session Chairs were, Venerable Associate Prof. Lenagala Siriniwasa Thero, Venerable Dr. Mawathagama Pemananda thero, Prof. H.M.Y.V.K. Herath, and Mr. Pradeep Gunasena. Ven. Koonkandawala Wimaladhamma Thero, Ven. Yodhakandiye Ariyawansa Thero, Mr. Supun Kaluarachchi and Ms. Thilini Weerasooriya served as Moderators.

In order to avoid technical difficulties, the research presentations of a majority of the presenters were pre-recorded and played while the discussions were conducted live. Pedagogical Efficacy in the Global context – Online conference 2021 provided the opportunity for 28 national and international scholars to present their full papers and over hundred local and foreign viewers joined the forum to gain knowledge and engage in discussions. The conference committee declared that the conference was a success and expressed that they plan on organizing the next forum in June 2021.

By Ms. Thilini Weerasooriya

Posted in News on Feb 18, 2021

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