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The final event of the “Interuniversity Preaching the Dhamma in English” Programme

The final event of the “Interuniversity Preaching the Dhamma in English” Programme  to select the best Dhamma preachers of English is scheduled to be held on the 17th October 2022 from 9am onwards via Zoom. 

The event is organized by the Department of English, Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs. 

Deadline for application submission 
1st October 2022

Application form:

For previous training sessions join Google Classroom:

Guidelines for the Participants of the Final Event: 

  • Age limit 22- 35

  • Marks would be allotted to the following points.

  1. General appearance (Neat dress/ Self-confidence/ Posture)

  2. Appropriate gestures

  3. Voice projection, volume, fluency and control

  4. Use of language (Grammar/ Choice of appropriate words)

  5. Dhamma talk (organized with an important theme in a logical order/ precise/relevant points)

  • Total time allocated – 07 minutes

Two time warnings will be given to the participants using the ‘raise hand’ option: 

  1. When the participant has one minute remaining to complete their sermon, the ‘raise hand’ icon will be enabled.

  2. The participants should finish their sermon when the ‘raise hand’ is enabled for the second time.

  • Preparation for the Video Meeting

  1. Please keep a watapatha/ fan while you are preaching.
  2. Be seated on a chair with a white cloth.
  3. Test your microphone before the meeting.
  4. Log in to the meeting at least before 10 minutes. 
  5. The order of the participants and the Zoom link will be emailed to each before the date of the programme. 
  • Selection of Topics

  1. Any verse from the Dhammapada or a sutta
  2. A Buddhist moral message
  3. A teaching of the Buddha

(You are free to select any topic of your choice, limiting your sermon to 07 minutes)

Download the guidelines from here: Click here  

Third Session

“Pali and Buddhist Jargon in English”

Mr. Shane Blok (Visiting Lecturer in Buddhist Studies)

Date & time: 18th July 2022 from 7pm to 9 pm

Second Session

“Catering for a Myriad of Buddhist Audiences”
Ven. Dr. Deniyaye Pannaloka Buddharakkhitha Thero
Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies
University of Kelaniya
Date & time
14th July 2022 from 7pm to 9 pm

First Session

“Opportunities for the Buddhist Monks in Propagating the Dhamma in the Modern World”
Ven. Minuwangoda Gnanawasa Thero 
Senior Lecturer, Biksu University of Sri Lanka
Date & time

12th July 2022 from 7 pm to 9 pm


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