The Library

The Library of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka (BPUSL) is engaged in a sublime mission of achieving objectives of the institution aimed at propagating Buddhism and promoting Pali language locally and internationally. The Library is engaged in the noble endeavor of fulfilling that objective. The collection at the library of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka is enriched with 59,000 books related to the subjects that are taught at the university.

The main objective of the library is to provide learning materials for the students and members of the academic staff which enable them to continue their studies smoothly. In addition to that, provision of facilities for reading as required by the staff, supply of research facilities for the external and foreign researchers are provided. In addition to that conducting motivational workshops and orientation sestions  for the development of the desire for reading and direction towards universal knowledge, OER etc. are done by the library. Supply of books,magazine, technological documents and other type of publications required by the academic staff and student for educational and reaearch undertakings,fulfillment of reading needs of  the university staff, provision of reference facilities for both local and foregin researches are also done by the library. 

The Library of the BPUSL was started in 1983. The collection includes the  Tripitaka in different languages. Audio Vidual materials like CD on Tripitaka in addition to the specialized reading materials for each subject. Further, subject wise collection is enriched with books, different information sources like, dictionaries, encyclopeadias, handbooks, glossaries, and periodicals. Main subjects that are taught in the university are Buddhist doctrine,Buddhsit Literature, Buddhism and History, Pali Language and Literature, Sanskrit Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Archaeology  and Sociology. The collection is developed according to these subjects  while developing the general collection for general reading. In addition to that AV collection related to the subjects are also available in the library.

The library collection is classified using the 23rd Edition of Dewe Decimal Classification Scheme and collection is arranged accordingly. 

The main library is situated at Gurulugomi Mawatha, Pitipana North, Homagama. The library has four stoey building. On the ground floor the main  counter of the library and the Computer Laboratory are housed. On the Second Floor, a reference section,  a periodical section and the main reading rooms, theses collection are located. 

On the third floor, the information exhibition unit of the university, Language Centre, Library Conference room is located. The Museum of Buddhist Arts which was developed for the Department of Archeology is  located on the fourth floor. A branch of a library is situated  at the Faculty of Graduate Studies at  214, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,Colombo 07.

Academic Staff 

Dr. W.W.K. Lalith

BA (Hons) (Kelaniya)

MLS (Colombo), PhD (Wuhan – China) 

Designation: Librarian
Official Telephone: +94112 892 331 Ext: 2313
Personal Telephone:  +9477 121 6621
Email Address:

Ms. U.G.M.C. Manori Samarakoon

B.A. (Hons) University of Kelaniya
MSSC University of Kelaniya
Dip. In English (SLIDA)

Designation : Senior Assistant Librarian
Official Telephone: +94112 857 786   Ext: 2205
Personal Telephone: +9477 024 9492
Email Address:

Non Academic Staff

Mr. M.U.S. De Livera 
Library Information Assistant (Grade I)
Tel. Ex. 2218
Mr. R. B. Kankanange 
Library Information Assistant (Grade II)
Tel.  Ex. 2213 
Mrs. K.K.G.S.M.K. Kaduwela 
Library Information Assistant (Grade III)
Tel. Ex. 2212

Mrs. D.R.G. Amali Sandarekha Rajapakshe 
Library Information Assistant (Grade III)
Tel. Ex. 2218
Mr. Wimal Jayasinghe - Library Attendant (Grade II)
Tel. Ex. 2218
Mrs. N. B. Ranasinghe 
Library Attendant (Grade II)
Tel. Ex. 2218

Mrs. K. A. A. P. Kathriaarachchi -
Library Attendant (Grade II)
Tel. Ex.2210            
email –
Mr. P. D. T. Gayapriya 
Library Attendant (Grade II)
Tel. Ex .2218
Mrs. L. G. C. Darshanie 
Library Attendant (Grade II)
Tel. Ex.2218          
 email– Chathurikadarshani1991@

Student Membership

  • Only the internal students are issued library membership

  • Duly filled membership application along with a copy of the university student identity card should be submitted at the registration

  • Library card cannot be replaced.

  • Books are issued only for memebership card renewed for the relevant year

  • Memebership cards are renewed only within the first two months of each academic year 

Number of membership cards issued per student

Academic year

Lendig cards

Reference cards

Additional Cards


First Year





Second Year





Third Year





Forth Year





Borrowing books

  • please produce your library card and the university student identity card when borrowing books

  • Show the borrowed books to the security officer at the exit

  • The member is fully responsible for materials borrowed for the card.

  • Bringing borrowed books  into the library is not allowed

  • In the event of losing a borrowed book, inform the librarian immeadiately in writing/over the phone. 

  • If any damage is found at the time of returning a borrowed book, the member is fully responsible for that

  • Causing damages to books, tearing or removing of their pages and stealing of books are punishable offence for which disciplinary action  will be taken

  • On the request (over the phone or by visiting) the loan period can be extended for another two weeks

Rules of theLibrary

  • Producing of student identity card is compulsory to use the library 

  • Carrying following items into the library such as 

  • books, files, sheets of papers, bags, rain coats, bottle of water ,umbrellas, food items is prohibitted

  • Using mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited.

  • A token should be obtained from the security officer at the enterence to the library

  • When leaving the library that token should be returned 

  • Complete silence should be maintained while in the library

  • Keep the used books on a table

  • please do not disarray the books in the shelves

 Openning Hours

  • Week days-from 8.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m

  • During the study leave and examination period-from 8.30 a.m to 7.15 p.m

  • The Library will be closed on public holidays and at weekends

Library charges

  • Rs 3.00 will be charged per day for overdue books

  • A fine for lost books will be doubled the prize of the book 

Loss of Memebership cards/borrowed book

  • In case a membership card or book a borrowed book is lost , it should be immeadiately informed in written to the librarian

  • New library cards will be issued charching Rs..150.00 

User Services

  • User Education - Awareness training sessions/workshop

  • Inter Library Loan

  • Content page services- different subject

Facility for outside users

  • Use of the Library by an external researcher is allowed on the special permission of the librarian.

Library services


Inter Library Loan Service (ILLS)

Library books and articles that are not available in the library, can be requested through this service. Such requests should be submitted to the librarian. Requested materials are supplied from the nearest avaialble library for a period of two weeks.

Internet Facilities

Internet facilities are available for the readers in the computer lab of the main library.

Library OPAC

Searching facilities are provided through this facilitiy. 

The Photocopy Services

Photocopying services is avaialble 8.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m on weekdays

  • Photocopying is limited to 10 to 15 pages of a material

  • Outside books, Notes etc. are not allowed to photocopy 


One side only
Two Sides
  • A4 per page    

  • A3 per page   

  • B4 per page


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