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Call for Papers : International Webinar on Multilingualism and Buddhist Perspectives - Deadline Extended

Owing to repeated requests, BPU conference committee, International Webinar on Multilingualism and Buddhist Perspectives is pleased to announce that the deadline for submitting extended abstracts is extended till October 07, 2021.

Scholars who have already submitted their extended abstracts may also have an opportunity to resubmit their revised abstracts (if they wish) until the new deadline.

The Conference Chair of "International Webinar on Multilingualism and Buddhist Perspectives" warmly invites you to submit an extended abstract to increase the impact of your work.

All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings and the accepted extended abstracts will subsequently be published in the conference peer-reviewed e-journal.

Find more details on : http://www.bpu.ac.lk/conferences/webinar-multilingualism-and-buddhist-perspectives-2021

Posted on Oct 07, 2021

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