Master of Philosophy

Master of Philosophy Degree Course SLQF 11

Subject Stream

Buddhist Philosophy/Buddhist Culture/ Buddhist Civilization/ Buddhist Studies/Sinhala/ Pali/ Sanskrit/ Archaeology/ Religious Studies and Comparative Philosophy/ English


Sinhala/ English

Qualifications for Registration

Candidates should have obtained a Special Bachelor of Arts Degree with First Class, Second Class Upper Division in relation to the aforementioned subject streams.


Candidates should have passed Master of Arts One Year Degree Course in relation to the aforementioned subjects from a recognized University.


A Candidate who has obtained a Special Bachelor of arts Degree with a First Class, Second Class Upper Division Honours in any of the Subject streams or a Master of Arts Degree should have obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in relation to the aforementioned Subject streams. Such Candidates can register for the Master of Arts Degree in the subject stream related to the Post Graduate Diploma.


Candidates should have fulfilled another qualification recognized to be equivalent to these qualifications by the Senate of the University.

The Method of Application

  • Applications can be obtained from the Centre for Post Graduate degrees and External Examinations of the University situated in Colombo 07 or the Buddhist and pali University of sri lanka situated in Pitipana North, Homagama or from accredited Agent of the University or via Internet (
Premises at Colombo 07:
Premises at Homagama:
Centre for Post Graduate Degrees
and External Examinations,
Main Administrative Office,
No.37, Moragahahena Town,
No.214, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Pitipana North,
Colombo 07.

  • Application Fee is Rs.1000/-. Applications can be hand delivered by attending the University or sent by registered post along with the receipt issued after crediting the amount to any branch of the Bank of Ceylon in Sri Lanka to be credited to Account No. 711202 of Homagama Branch of Banka of Ceylon.
  • A rough sketch with the title of Research should be submitted along with the duly perfected applications. (Not less than 300 words)


  • Applicants should submit their research schedule within one month as per the instructions of the Instructor appointed subsequent to accepting the duly submitted application by the Senate on the recommendations made by the Higher Graduate Committee of the University.
  • A presentation pertaining to the Research Schedule should be conducted within

the following 02 months before the Board of Evaluation appointed by the Head of the Department of Study in relation to the subject.

  • The date of conducting the presentation is considered as the date of registration.

Seminars on Research Methodology

  • It is compulsory for the Candidate to participate in the series of lectures on Research Methodology organized by the Institution subsequent to the registration.

Submission of progress Reports

Progress Reports should be submitted to the Centre for Post Graduate Degrees and External Examinations along with the recommendation of the Instructor once in every 06 months.

Duration of Research

The duration of Research is 02 years from the date of registration.

Extension of Registration

  • Registration will be extended for a maximum period of 03 years. Extension will not be provided under any circumstances after the lapse of seven (05) years from the date of registration.
  • If a Candidate is unable to complete the Research within the specified period, the period can be extended as per the recommendation of the Instructor. (The maximum period of extension is 03 years.)
  • The request of the Candidate should be submitted through the Instructor. The

extension of period is valid only for one year perone instance. Thereby, this request should be made 03 months prior to the end of every year of registration.

Conducting the Presentation

  • Presentation Related to the Schedule of Research
  • Presentation on Literature Review

Appointment of Dissertation Instructors and Examiners Appointment of Instructors

  • Dissertation Instructors proposed by the Higher Degree Committee should be approved by the Senate.
  • The Candidates reserve the right of proposing an Instructor for his Research Dissertation and the Higher Degree Committee reserves the right of considering the request.

Appointment of Dissertation Instructors

  • The Dissertation should be examined by the two visiting Examiners proposed by the Higher Degree Committee.
  • Maximum of three (03) months will be provided to the Examiners appointed for examining the Dissertation. If Examination Reports are not received within the relevant period, 02 reminders are referred within another three months. If the visiting Examiners are unable to examine the Dissertation during the period allowed, the head of the Centre for Post Graduate Degrees and External Examinations should report the matter to the higher Degree Committee.
  • The Higher Degree Committee should consider the matter and other visiting Examiners should be appointed by the Committee.

Change or Transfer of Instructors

Instructor can be changed when the instructor is going abroad or on another valid reason. This request has to be submitted in writing to the Registrar of the Centre of Post Graduate Degrees and External Examinations. The request is referred for the approval of the Senate on the recommendation of the Higher Degree Committee.

Size of the Research Dissertation

  • A Research Dissertation with words not less than 75,000 should be submitted. The Research dissertation should assist in the broadening of the contemporary knowledge on the relevant subject field and should be of novelty.
  • Three copies of the Research Dissertation should be submitted to the Centre of

Post Graduate Degrees and External Examinations with the recommendation of the instructor.

Submission of the Research Dissertation

  • The Centre for Post Graduate Degrees and External Examinations should be informed in writing 03 months prior to the specified date of submitting the Research Dissertation.
  • In case the Research Dissertation cannot be submitted on the due date under any circumstances, it should be notified in writing.
  • Progress Reports, Presentations and all the other requirements should have been completed before submitting the Research Dissertation.
  • All the payments should have been made at the time of submitting the Research dissertation.
  • Three (03) Copies of Dissertation should be submitted after binding with the spirals code.
  • In case the Instructor is gone abroad or deceased at the moment of submitting the Research Dissertation, the Authority of recommending another Instructor or Instructors for the former instructor is entrusted on the Head of the respective department of Study.

Viva Examination

The Viva Examination regarding the Dissertation is conducted subsequent to receiving reports from Dissertation Examiners.

Effective Date of the Degree

The date of submitting the Research Dissertation is considered as the effective date of the Degree.

These specifications are effective for scholars, who register from 01.01.2017.

Further details please contact: 0112580609

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